Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh yeah and I checked my grades for this last semester...straight A's !!! whew. I did get an A- in French, but that's because that class kicked my butt. Megan said she's never seen me do so much HW.
I AM HERE!!!! Seattle is beautiful. Everyone told me it would be, but as we drove in through the mountains covered with dark green trees and dark gray rocks with mist all around and a little bit of snow and it smelled so wonderful...i'm sold. I live in a cool apt complex, except it smells nasty! Some girls said it must be something illegal...I don't know. I have one roommate who randomly used to be in Ryann and Darren's singles ward in Fair Oaks! Her name is Lisa. We are having a great time setting up our apartment:) We bought a shower curtain and rugs the other day. Yeah! I've only been here two days so I haven't done much "work" yet. Yesterday was a "settling in day" and today we set up the office. Maybe tomorrow we will get our partnership cell phones and have to start calling the families...the scariest part. Its just a time of adjustment. Getting used to living in the city and the apartment complex and the people i'm with. They are awsome. Yesterday we went to institute and today we went to eat lunch at Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon!!! It was pretty good:) I'll try to post pictures soon... This is the best part though. Tuesday and today (and tomorrow) we have to meet at 9:30am. So Tuesday I didn't shower but was totally on time. and today I got up AN HOUR AND A HALF EARLY!!! I took a shower, ate breakfast, read my scriptures, got dressed, put make-up on, did my hair AND was on time..... That NEVER happens...and it was awesome. Talk about a self-esteem boost...I just hope I can keep it up:) Anyway I'm not sure how long these "posts" are supposed to be...being new to this blogging thing...but hopefully I'll get some pics up as soon as I find the camera cord.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Journey Begins....

Packed up and on my way out! Seattle here I come! It is the eve of my departure and Megan has helped me make a blog so my family can check up on my adventures in the land of rain.