Sunday, November 22, 2009

I am a pathetic blogger. Sorry:( I'll try to be better and put it on my list of things to improve on which includes exercising, reading the scriptures more, doing service, asking boys on dates, and cleaning my room.

I always tell Meg that I never know what to write on my blog and she always tells me to write about things that are going on. So here is what has been going on:

I still work for Flourishing Families except now I am a student leader - a great opportunity...I am learning SO much! Just recently me and my two co-leaders just picked our new team of 18 research assistants out of the 75 that we interviewed. I have NEVER done that before and boy was it challenging. How do you eliminate people when they are all qualified?? So now we are preparing to train them next semester. I am really excited for this part.These are my co-workers Jessie and Rachel at a Murder Mystery Dinner in September. I love these girls, they are my co-workers and my best friends.

I also just started teaching the Dating & Courtship class in my ward. This is not a usual Sunday school class...In fact this is only the 2nd ward I have been in that has this class and the Sunday school president said he was a little skeptical and cautious at first because usually these classes end up being a place where people talk about how sucky it is to be single. My class is different though!! I have a co-teacher and we are both making the focus of this class to be preparing these people to have strong relationships through personal growth and preparation. My first lesson (and the talk that I gave preceding the lesson to introduce the class and try to get people excited in coming - which was successful...the class was packed) were about how to be more Christ-like in our dating. I focused on following the example of Jesus Christ...even in dating. I talked about being humble, grateful, prayerful, and positive. Both the talk and lesson went very well. Thanks Mom and Allen for coming and supporting me:)

The funny thing is that this week, I discovered that I needed that talk and lesson more than anyone else. You know how you think you have mastered something only to be rudely awakened to the fact that you have SO much more to learn. Yeah Hi I'm only 21, but for some reason I think I'm like 35. So my faith and patience are definitely being tried right now. Meaning I thought I knew how my life would go from here, but I really don't. For the first time in my life! I am discouraged about dating. (this is blasphemy coming from me really, i am the like the dating fairy always making sure that people are positive about dating and relationships no matter how difficult they are) I am not freaking out about getting married (don't jump to conclusions) I just feel like I should be having more dating know like a boyfriend maybe...but apparently this is not the time. And there must be some other things I need to focus on (not that I am writing dating off, if you remember one of the things I am working on is how to ask guys out, really its not as easy as it sounds).

So honestly the only things going on right now are school and work. Probably the most exciting thing that happened this last week is that I discovered the Baja Chalupa at Taco delicious. I have become a Taco Bell connoisseur because I eat on campus every night and my options include Taco Bell, hamburgers, pizza, pasta, wraps, rice bowls or sandwiches. Seems like a good variety but it gets old fast.

For those of you who don't live in Utah, here are some picks of the beautiful leaves around here this time of year (well more like Sept Oct). I can't take credit for these pictures, but they are of BYU.

And I made up a joke! What does the tree do when the wind insults it? It leaves! hahaha okay okay lame joke, but its the first joke I've ever made up:)