Friday, February 5, 2010

If you were a tye-dye shirt, what would you look like?

I'm pretty sure that every time I log in to update my blog I have to reset my password because I cannot remember it!

Winter semester has been started for about a month now and I am convinced that this is the most stressful semester of my college career so far. It's great, I love school and all the other things I am involved in, but sometimes I wonder how I will survive! I am still teaching my dating and courtship class, which I absolutely love! (I think I could have this calling forever and I would be happy). This upcoming Sunday I am talking about Finding and Seeking. I am going to hide people's "eternal companions" (just papers that say that) in the classroom and have them find them. I'll tell you all about it after I do it. I hope that it goes as planned:)

As for school, probably the two highlights of this semester are that I am taking a guitar class, which I love! The teacher is so cool. He says the funniest things! And the topic of research papers and projects that I have chosen this semester is....Sex Education/Sexual Beliefs. Its great! I get to write a paper and create a family life education program using the topic. Pretty much the idea is that if beliefs lead to actions which lead to results....and we don't like the results, we really should re-evaluate our beliefs. So at the end of the semester I will be co-teaching a workshop about sexuality (i'll keep you posted so you can come if you want;)

Oh, and I have a new passion! TYE-DYE. I had never made a tye-dye shirt until this summer and as soon as I put the tye-dye shirt on, i knew it was love! This semester i have instituted Tye-dye Tuesday. Yes. Every Tuesday I wear tye-dye:) Before last weekend I only had two tye-dye shirts, but now I have 6! I think the reason I like them so much is that 1) they are so colorful, 2) you put the dye on there without really knowing what it will turn out looking like and then surprise! it turns out amazing no matter what!

You know that little story about the child sitting underneath it's grandma's embroidery hoop...all the threads and colors are jumbled and don't make sense, but then when the child sees the front it is a beautiful picture. And how this is like God guiding our lives...we can't really see what is going on from this earthly perspective. I'd like to think that I am a tye-dye shirt. Sometimes i say "Lord, there is too much white" or "Why are you using those colors...I want you to use these colors" or "Why are you scrunching the fabric here" or "What are those rubber bands?" but in the end i will get washed and dried and be the most amazing tye-dye shirt...I just need to be patient:)