Monday, May 4, 2009

And so it begins...

Today we started work...meaning we started calling the families. It was hecka scary and I made my partner call first. We called in the middle of the day though so only like 1/3 of the people actually answered, but miraculously we scheduled 9 interviews!!!! All together in all the partnerships we scheduled over 40 interviews within one day!!! Our bosses were impressed...I am ecstatic. No one even mentioned the swine flu. My first interview is on Wednesday!!! Yikes. That is the next hurdle!

Also we have started mingling with the singles in the area. We had stake conference this weekend so we didn't get to meet too many people, but we met some. There are tons of people here doing internships like us and ironically I have met a lot of people here who know people I know. Like I met a guy who knows my step-cousins the Andersons and tons of people who know people from my ward in Orem.

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