Monday, June 15, 2009

Interview Blunders

My research partner and I have a really good time going out on interviews. We sometimes get distracted talking about boys on the car ride over and forget to look for the right house. But here are a couple of our most memorable blunders:
One time I forgot all the documents that we are supposed to have with us, so Jessie had to drive back and forth to the house 3 times!!

Just the other day we did an interview at a house right on the lake, we were sitting on the dock and some of our paperwork flew into the water :0 I had to retrieve it with a stick...very exciting and embarrassing.

In between the video tasks we leave the room (which often means we go sit on the front porch) as Jessie was closing the front door, one of the cue cards got stuck in the door, but we didn't want to disturb them family by opening the door, so she left it sticking out of the door. (We think the family saw it happen...)

Today as we were leaving the interview, I felt some weird pricking on my tummy, so i lifted up my shirt to find a little black bug crawling on my belly. I screamed and so did Jessie. Except Jessie kept screaming and saying "oh my gosh oh my gosh". I got two little bites on my was quite exciting.

Okay so the stories aren't that funny, but when they happened they usually provided at least a minute of serious laughing fits for me and Jessie:)


  1. Di...I laughed...a lot. Especially about the stuck cards (family saw it) part and the bug one. Isn't life exciting! I'll have to tell you about the Krispy Kreme doughnut experience I had the last week of school. Meg says I need to blog it.

  2. This is really Karen, by the way.