Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012

Hello hello!

Cultural Tidbits

Ok, first of all I have to tell you about the buses here in my sector. So there are a million hills and curves, and when we take the bus into Concepcion on our preparation day  it is like a 30 minutes ride, and I have never been on such a crazy ride in my life. Its like a roller coaster. If you don't watch yourself you could fly out of your seat. And for the past two weeks I almost threw up on the bus ride. It is THAT intense. Its the combination of hills, curves, and rough manual changes (all the cars are manual here) that makes for a crazy ride.

Another funny thing that I have noticed this week is how vague the people here are sometimes. Maybe its because we are missionaries and sometimes people don't want to tell us the truth, or because I don't understand Spanish 100%, but I get really confused when people are telling me about their schedule or giving me directions.

In directions its usually, "around the corner, on this side [with a hand motion...what side? they don't use north or south here], in front of the police station, on the hill, above Maria's house," etc. If I didn't have a native Spanish speaking companion, I would be lost.

And with schedules it's worse. One day we were talking to a woman about a job for an investigator. The woman didn't live there and told us to come by when the owner of the house was home. She told us to come by after 6pm. Then she told us to wait till the end of the month. Then she told us it would be better to talk to the neighbor. Then said it would be better to come by after 8pm. In the end she told us it would be better to wait and not talk to anyone about the job yet....what? I was confused. And that happens all the time. People say "I'm never home, well i get home at 5p, but I go to my grandma's house and don't get back till 11p, but my mom comes home at 8p and i have to eat dinner with her..." I get lost in the details :) Who comes when at what time and where? I think its mainly my lack of understanding Spanish, but it makes me laugh sometimes.

Faith, Fear, and Doubt

This week is the last week of the transfer. Next Monday we will see if I get a new companion or not. I don't think I will. I love my current companion, and I think we will be together for one more transfer before she goes to a new place.

We have been having a trial here in our sector finding people who are willing and ready to accept our message of the restored Gospel. It has been a trial of our faith and patience, and we are learning how to be diligent and faithful. The quote and motto of this next transfer is,

"If God had commanded me to do all things I could do them."
1 Nephi 17:50

I am learning a lot about what it really means to have faith. I still don't fully understand, but it has to do with being positive and full of hope, and acting to bring to pass the things you've been commanded. It has to do with not doubting or all. Fear and doubt will destroy faith because where they are faith cannot be. So this next transfer that is the goal. Get rid of all doubt and fear and walk in faith believing that all things that the Lord commands me, I can do!

I hope you too can learn to eliminate doubt and fear from your life and walk with 100% faith in Jesus Christ, in His Gospel and His promises.

Love, Hermana Bowns

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