Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012

Well it's another Monday! Today we had a zone activity, where all the missionaries in my zone got together to play soccor. Me and my comp are the only sisters so they split us up, one on each team. I pretty much just ran up and down the court, pretending to be ready just in case someone kicked me the ball, and because the elders are nice, they would kick me the ball, but i would never be able to stop it and actually do something useful with it. One of the elders told me I was the good luck on their team, because we were winning...but it wasn't because i was doing anything to help:) So we played for about an hour then me and my comp left to let them ''really'' play.

Starting this week me and my companion are going to bet really buff! Every day we have the goal to talk to 20 new people and invite them to listen to our message. To help us make sure we meet our goal we've decided that if we talk to less than 20 people we have to do push-ups for the people we didn't talk to. And it adds up everyday. For example if we talk to 15 people on Monday, and 15 people on Tuesday, and 15 people on Wednesday, Wednesday night we'll be doing 15 push-ups! Last night we had to do 35 push-ups before we could go to bed! So we are either going to be better at talking to people, or we are going to get really buff:)

And I learned a new Chilean phrase this week. In the US we say that every girl is waiting for her ''knight in shining armor''. Here they say that every girl is waiting for her ''blue prince''. I was confused at first...why would the prince be blue? Then one woman told me it's because in all the movies the prince who marries the princess always has a blue outfit/uniform on.

And remember the ward fast that we were doing here...well we are still doing it, and seeing MIRACLES! We have been working with a man and his family lately. The man is a member of the church but hasn't gone for something like 25 years. We invited him and his family to church. Last Sunday he and his youngest sone came and the ward gave him a huge warm welcome back! Then yesterday his wife and both of his sons came to church with him!!!!! It was a wonderful day. There is nothing better than a family brought together and held together by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is a saying that a family who prays together, stays together, but I would add that a family who prays together, reads the scriptures together, and goes to church together, stays together! I hope you are able to do these three things with your family, I have seen the great strength, protection, and unity it brings to families who do it.

Sending you my love!
Hermana Bowns

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