Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mail Christmas Packages by Nov. 5th!

Are you thinking about Christmas yet? I'm not! But in order to get a package to Diane by Christmas you've got to send it really soon
               ....like next week!

Here is an excerpt from an email from Diane's mission president:
"Since November is almost upon us and Christmas is just around the corner, I am writing this to urge you to send out any Christmas letters and packages by November 5th!!

PLEASE Send your packages by U.S. mail (this is the most reliable way) to the following address:
Hermana Diane Bowns
O' Higgins 940
Oficina 502

We are encouraging you to send them out this early since last year many of the packages arrived well after Christmas!  Remember that after we receive them, we also need time to get them to all the areas your missionaries live in.  We would rather have them arrive here early than late, and we will keep them safe till time to deliver!"
I guess this marks the beginning of the holiday season. What are you going to send to Diane?

               -- Ryann

P.S. More information on mailing stuff to Diane can be found on the Write Diane page.

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