Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31, 2011

Hola! Well tonight is Halloween. Since they celebrate Halloween here like they do in the states, we are afraid we won´t have much success in teaching people in their houses tonight. So we think we´ll try standing in front of our house and handing out candy and pass along cards and talking to parents out with their kids. We´ll see how that goes. The ward had a Halloween party last friday. We weren´t sure if it was ok or not to dress up since we are missionaries...but the bishop's wife went to the trouble to bring us some fancy dresses and we couldn´t tell her no, and so just for the hour we were at the church at the party we wore old prom-like dresses and claimed to be princesses...with our nametags of course! Also today is cambios! And tada...all four of us hermanas are staying here in Rauquen for another cambio! We are very excited, we love being together!

us on halloween

This the Spirit brought to my remembrance the story of the Brother of Jared in the Book of Mormon (in the Book of Ether chapters 2,3, and 6). This is one of my favorite stories in the Book of Mormon. My companion and I studied it and ended up sharing it with three different people we were teaching. It is a powerful story of faith and humility. My favorite part is in chapter 6 when this group of people get into 8 barges lit by small illuminated stones and head off into the sea. I can´t even imagine the faith it would take to do that. They knew not whether they would die or not. Verse 4 says "they commended themselves unto the Lord their God." Their journey on the sea was rough at times they were submerged in the water and tossed about by the waves. But that fierce wind that blew them came from God, for the purpose of pushing them to the promised land. I love applying this story to my life. Imagining how those people felt in their barges, and also realizing that the only way to get to the "promised land" is to be pushed by the winds. I heard a quote once that I love and think is so true. It says, "The Gospel of Jesus Christ comforts the afflicted, and afflicts the comfortable.*" It is so true. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a message of peace to the burdened and suffering, but to the proud and lazy it is a message of chastening and repentance. I also like to think of the barges in this story like the Church of Jesus Christ. If we tried to swim to the promised land we would surely die. But in our barges (in the Church) there is protection! But even if you are in your barge, the church with all the resources given to you to survive (light, food, family) you will still be pushed. This is one thing I am learning, that progress does not come comfortably. The discomfort that comes from being tried and tested is for a purpose. It pushes us closer to our goals, and our ultimate goal to be like Jesus Christ. The other interesting thing is in verse 9 and 12 of this chapter. During their tumultuous voyage, these people sang praises to the Lord and when they landed they bowed themselves to the earth and praised God again for their safe journey. I like to think that I would do the same in their situation, but I think that I may need to work on that:) Anyway, there is so much more to learn from this chapter. I love it! It is so powerful. Everytime I read I gain new insights. Read it. I promise you will feel the Spirit teaching you things you need to learn.

us on halloween with apples covered in
 manjar and coconut and our "pumpkins"

I wish a Happy Halloween to all! I love you! Thank you for your continued prayers!

Hermana Bowns

*President Harold B. Lee January, "The Message." New Era, 1971.

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