Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012 - Faith

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Well it is spring here and the weather is being weird. It is hot, but still rains sometimes. Like yesterday, it started pouring out of no where. I had put my rain boots away hoping that was all over. But October showers bring November flowers!

I love my new sector, my new companion and my new ward. It is so great here!! I am learning to have greater faith and to be more confident in my abilities. I had a cool experience last experience that makes you realize how far you've come. Sunday morning I was doing my normal one hour of personal study. It dawned on me that perhaps our teacher for Gospel Principles might not be there...since we hadn't talked to them and confirmed, my companion reassured me that he is always there, but since we had three people scheduled to come to church for the first time I thought it best to prepare something just in case. Well it was the Spirit that gave me that idea, because the teacher was half an hour late to the class. I just taught what I had prepared in my one hour of study and it turned out great! Normally I would never have been able to prepare a class in an hour and then give it without freaking out!

We read three stories from the Bible about people showing faith.

  1. Moses and the children of Israel needing to look at the Brazen Serpent to be healed from the snake bites.
  2. Daniel when he gets thrown in the lion's den for praying, and by calling on the Lord is saved from the lions.
  3. Queen Esther, who asks the Jews to fast and pray while she risks her life entering the king's court to plead their cause.

It was so neat to read these three stories and see how these people drew on their faith to accomplish great things. The part I liked the best was seeing what great things were accomplished. Moses and the children of Israel were healed because of their faith. Daniel was protected from harm and allowed to practice his beliefs because of his faith. And Esther saved those she loved (her people) through her faith.

If we put those into today's terms, through our faith we too can be healed from spiritual wounds that ail us, through our faith we can be protected from the temptations and harmful things of the world and live what we believe in a world who says differently, and through our faith we can help save spiritually those we love most, our friends and families. I personally am working on having greater faith, so that I can accomplish great things in my life and bless those around me. Jesus Christ is the answer to all of our problems, it is in Him that we put our faith!

With much love, Hermana Bowns

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