Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013 - Continued Craziness:)

Surprise...more craziness! I think I must just be prone to crazy situations. So I thought my last week in the mission would be smooth sailing, work as normal, trying not to have  a freak out about having to pack. Now the least of my worries is packing my bags...

So I live in a house with another companionship of sister missionaries, but we aren't in the same ward or sector. One of these other missionaries last Sunday started to notice that a bug bite she had was showing signs of having a staff infection (i don't know what this is but it doesn't look very good). Wednesday we have a Mission Conference and the mission doctor takes a look at it with President and they say she needs to go to the hospital immediately. They send her and MY companion to Concepcion and send me with the other sister back to our sectors till who knows when. That was on Wednesday and the sick sister is still in Conce and chances are she won't come back till next week. So here I am with this other sister...covering two wards and two sectors. Complete insanity I tell you. If I thought it was hard to take care of my sector, it's a piece of cake now compared to being in charge of two sectors!

But I like dramatic and crazy situations, it makes life interesting:) Makes for a good last week in the mission I got a new companion and had to split my time 50/50 to get work done in two sectors.

We are having a good time though. The sister I am with is awesome, she's from Argentina, so at least I get to speak Spanish 100% of the time (with American companions it is more of a challenge to speak Spanish 100% of the time). And we get along really well:)

The tender mercy in all of this is that the other ward is an old sector of mine, so I can help out a little more because I already know the ward, etc.

Talk about going out with a bang:) It is going to a be a great week though. We have English class where I have to say bye to all my students, then a ward activity Friday about the Book of Mormon. And Sunday is Fast and Testimony meeting, so I will get to bear my last testimony:) It is going to be sad for sure.

I have loved being a missionary in Chile, and I am sad to have to leave now because some really important things are happening in regards to growth of the Church here in Chile, but I know that God sent me here for the time I was here for a reason. There are people I have met and experiences I have had that have marked me and changed me. And now it is time to come home and put it all into practice.

I don't think I'll be writing again next Monday since I will be home on Tuesday, so rather than saying, till next week, I'll say


With love, for the last time, Hermana Bowns

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