Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012 - Chilean Independence Day: Sept. 18

Whew what a week!

This week was a holiday week, the week of Chile's independence day, the 18th of September. They changed our preparation day so that on the 18th we didn't go out and work, since no one would have talked to us anyway. So luckily we got to hang out in the church with the ward members all day! We woke up to the national anthem playing on our cell phone alarm and went early to the church, but still missed them singing the national anthem, raising the flag, and dancing the first cueca (the traditional dance here).

Me and my companion with pajaritos :)

After we ate a breakfast of pajaritos (little birds...a weird name for sweet rolls with merengue on top) and played with trompos (cool tops that you wind up and throw), played tejo or rayuelo (a man's game of throwing little discs into a box of dirt trying to hit a string that goes through the middle). Kids played with kites while we all ate mote con huesillos (cooked whole wheat kernels in peach juice with a sun-dried peach).

Me and mote con huesillo.

Then we went to lunch and had a barbeque. SO delicious. We ate meat and longanisa (like a bratwerst) with boiled potatoes, lettuce and tomatoes and mote con huesillos for dessert. We ate mote con huesillos EVERYWHERE. But it was great because I LOVE mote con huesillos:)

Me learning the cueca.

Then we worked for a little bit, and then went back to the church. Then the whole ward came to dance the cueca, a sister in the ward taught me how to dance, and we ate churipanes (a hot dog with a bratwerst pretty much). They had antikuches (shishkabobs) but we missed them because we had to go home.

Traditional huasa elegante dress.

The ward stayed at the church till 1am dancing and eating! What a fiesta:) (The highlight of the activity was that a young man who recently was baptized invited his family who aren't that thrilled about his decision to be baptized and they CAME!!!!! And said they were impressed by how happy and friendly the ward members were:) Yay!)

Us with our Ward Mission Leader.

To try to be festive, my companion and I dressed up the best we could like huasas elegantes (elegant Chilean cowgirls) in a black skirt, white shirt, with a black blazer (that is the traditional huasa elegante look). No one celebrates an independence day like Chile does:) There are still flags all over the place! In every house, on every car...its great.

Me in a street decorated with flags...
can you see that every house has a flag?

Now we are getting back into our groove after all the festivities. But there are still a lot of great things coming, because it is spring here!!!! This week I am going to teach how to make cupcakes in my cooking class and we are going to have a ward talent show this weekend! Stay tuned for fun pictures!

It is great to be a missionary in the work of the Lord!!!!!

With love, Hermana Bowns

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